Christian Formation

"With God’s help, to prepare, guide and support each person throughout their spiritual journey; to increase and strengthen the whole body of Christ; and to equip the individual to reflect the light of Christ."

Christian Formation at St. Michael’s is an integral part of our parish life. We have a rich program full of opportunities for spiritual formation and growth for children (aged 4-11 years), youth (aged 12-18 years) and adults (aged 19 and up), and you are invited to participate in the development and leadership of these activities.

Your time, talents and ideas are welcome! We, as community of faith, are all benefactors of the spiritual fruits from our spiritual labors – please contact any of the folks above and get involved in the continuing spiritual development among our parishioners.


Weekly Lectio and Examen Group to Meet Saturday Mornings at St. Michael's

"How is your prayer life," someone once asked me. At the time I was asked I was surprised by how little I had to say about it, and how hard it was to answer that question. Seeking to have a prayer life led me to the Retreat on Daily Life, to meetings on Centering Prayer, and to St. Ignatius of Loyola. The prayer principles available through these types of prayer have meaningfully changed my interior life.

St. Michael's is offering a weekly meeting on Saturdays from 8:30-10:00 in the christian education building beginning Saturday, September 26. These meetings will be focused on using Lectio Divina to deepen our spiritual understanding of scripture, and an Examen which will help us to see how God moves in our lives. There is no cost to attend the meetings, but you will need to purchase your own books: Sacred Space, 2015; and Reimagining the Examen by Thibideaux. Both are available through Amazon. If you do not have them by the 26th it is okay, but you will need them for the following weekend. You are encouraged to attend every weekend, however if that is not possible you will benefit from any time you attend.

Please consider joining Amy Gardner and me as we explore and experience our relationship to God using these powerful prayer tools.