Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEM)

The Lay Eucharistic Minister is a lay member of the parish who assists the priest who is celebrating the Eucharistic service. This may include assisting in the preparation of the altar and also serving as a chalice bearer (serving the chalice to the people during Holy Communion). Specially trained LEMs may also serve the bread during communion when there are not enough clergy to do so.

Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEV)

The practice of lay persons taking the sacrament with them after a Eucharistic celebration dates to the beginning of the Christian church. Early Christians received enough of the sacrament at a Sunday Eucharist for them to be able to communicate themselves and others between Sunday Eucharists. The modern church has revived this practice. The Canons of the Episcopal Church state that a licensed lay person may "Directly following a celebration of the Holy Eucharist on Sunday or other principal celebrations, (take) the sacrament consecrated at the celebration to members of the congregation who, by reason of illness or infirmity, were unable to be present at the celebration."

This ministry is an extension of the altar rail from our eucharistic celebration to our larger parish community. Lay people take communion directly from the service to those unable to attend, usually due to an illness.

Lay Readers / Lectors

Lectors read the old testament, psalm, and new testament lessons as well as lead the prayers of the people. While the majority of lectors are adults, we welcome all youngsters who can read and are interested in this ministry.


Acolytes are an integral part of the church service and assist with processions, offertory collection, and the preparation of the sacraments of bread and wine at the altar. Acolytes usually serve one Sunday a month but may be called upon to serve at extra services around Easter or Christmas. Children (about 3rd grade up) as well as adults can serve as acolytes.


Oblationers present the bread and wine during the offering at the 11:00 am Sunday service. Any member of St. Michael's, regardless of age, is welcome to become an oblationer. Two oblationers are required for each service, which may be a married couple, two friends, a parent and child, etc. This is a fantastic ministry for godparents and their godchildren.


Greet people, distribute bulletins. Responsible for the offeratory.

Ministry Scheduling:
Oz Alfert   343-6587  

Altar Guild

It is the privilege of the men and women of the alter guild to prepare the sanctuary for each service, setting out the altar linens, vestments and various utensils, and to clear and clean after the service. We are also responsible for the care of the sacristy. In addition, the priest's garments and all Holy Communion vessels are entrusted to our care.

Paula Price   321-1687