Youth Group


Youth group is open to any youth who are in 6th through 12th grade. It is a place where we will build relationships through fun activities, service opportunities, prayer, and discussions about life and the world around us. In youth group we will learn how apply lessons learned in Sunday school and worship to our everyday lives as youth begin to take responsibility for their own lives. It is a place of safety for sharing and questioning.

We are a community of daily worship and prayer.

Out of our worship and communion with God, we strive to respect the uniqueness of each individual. Respect each other. Accept us as we are. Respect the ideas, wants and needs, likes and dislikes of others in the group. Don’t interrupt each other. One person talks at a time. Don’t tell if I say, “Don’t tell.” Only share what we feel comfortable sharing.

We do not put one another down.

Respect each other’s opinion. Don’t speak of each other in a condescending way. Respect others by not engaging in verbal or physical abuse. Instead, we are willing to level with one another in love, honoring one another with honesty and respect when we have a problem with another individual.

Whatever we do, we do out of love for God, self and one another. We are in life together.

We interact with each other, not our technology. Outside our space we will be on our best behavior. We will treat each other equally and not exclude anyone from conversation, hugs, or other types of interaction both inside and outside our space. Both inside and outside our space we will treat each other with common courtesy. Therefore, we are willing to give all we are to one another and with God's help, to offer more. In everything we do, we seek to be open to the Holy Spirit.