Bushenyi Alliance for Rural Health and Development

In 2005, a long-standing relationship that brought aid to rural southwest Uganda in Africa was jeopordized due to political and belief differences. The idea of a humanitarian organization that would bypass these differences resulted in the formation of the Bushenyi Alliance for Rural Health and Development (BARHD).

BARHD was incorporated as a non-profit in January, 2006 and received IRS tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status in December, 2006. In August, 2007 we established a sister organization in Uganda called Bushenyi Integrated Rural Development (BIRD). BIRD is an NGO (non-governmental organization) and funding goes directly to health and education needs, bypassing all government and faith-baised entities.

Our parish provides funds every year for 5 orphans (now 8 beginning this year) to continue their education. The money covers the cost of tuition, room and board, books, and school uniforms.

BARHD November 2014 Newsletter.

Contact at St. Michael's: Rosemary Ford 405-808-1848

Bushenyi Alliance for Rural Health and Development actually originated with St. Michael's and has grown into an ecumenical project involving nearly 300 students in several schools in the Bushenyi area. One of the schools, Bishop McAllister School, is named for a former Bishop of Oklahoma. Since last year's outstanding response, St. Michael's has increased the number of students involved from five to eight. Pictures of Ameria, Annitah, Amon, Christone, Gift, Innocent, Aban and Andrew are all on the poster near the kitchen door in the Ingathering Space.

Rosemary Ford or Jocelyn Pedersen are available for questions.
(808-1848 or 823-7674)