Kathaleen Cassidy Bookstore

St. Michael’s Book Store was formed as a way for church members to easily obtain religious books, cards, jewelry and gifts. Proceeds are used to fund church projects, especially the choir and the building and operating funds.

Items for purchase include:

  • Books of Common Prayer and Bibles
  • Children’s books
  • Books dealing with illness, joy, grief, self-help, etc.
  • History and liturgy of the Episcopal Church
  • Greeting cards from The Printery House
  • Religious stationery, coffee mugs and candles
  • Cross necklaces from St. Justin’s and Terra Sancta Guild
  • Earrings and prayer beads by Jean West
  • Key chains and auto visor protective medals
  • Pet medals (dogs only)
  • Wall and door crosses
  • Bookmarks and pocket crosses
  • Metal Advent wreaths from Terra Sancta Guild
  • Episcopal Church jewelry
  • St. Michael’s baseball hats
  • Soap and hypoallergenic earrings by Texas Kat Crafts

Book store hours:

Sundays, 10-11:00 am and
noon-12:30 pm
other times by appointment

For information, questions or suggestions or to volunteer,
contact Nancy Larsen at
or  321-6795